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Chargers Pancake Breakfast

 We had a great 2023/2024 year with our Pancake Breakfast.  See in the Fall.



Community Feast - Desert Chapel will serving a FREE dinner every Saturday from 11 am to 2 pm. This is open to our church family as well as the community.


Clothes Closet - is open from 11 am to 2 pm Saturdays.   Adults and childrens clothes and shoes are availble for those in need.



The Leadership Board will meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 4:00 pm. 

Message from Our Lay Leader

April, May, and early June have been very interesting months for your Lay Leader at Desert Chapel. Normally, these months would be fairly quiet -- as we scale back from having our Winter Visitors boosting attendance, volunteering, giving, and adding significantly to our worship and missions.

This year, it seems that it was a more gradual experience. Several of our part-timers became full-timers or extended their stays in Arizona. We also have experienced an influx of attendees and folks seeking a new Church experience.

The Desert Chapel Leadership Board took some decisive actions at the April and May meetings. Two major decisions were based on feedback from months of discussions and observations of the overall staffing needs, a desire to utilize more volunteer-based staff, and United Methodist Discipline requirements for critical operations.

The two decisions were:

  • To eliminate the paid position of Office Manager/


  • To hire an outside auditor to perform an audit of our

    financial and other policies and procedures.

    As the Board studies the results of the outside audit, evaluates current / expected income, and works on strategic plans for the future, we will rely on volunteers to staff the front office. This arrangement will go through the summer and into the fall. At the annual Church Charge Conference in October/ November, the Board will reevaluate our needs and propose a management structure for both paid and volunteer staffing.

    Meanwhile volunteers are needed in missions, office/desk staff, and the Leadership Board position of Finance/budget leader. That last position has been held by Cliff Dennis, who asked to be relieved of those duties for health reasons.

    The Leadership Board is very grateful for Cliffs service as we transitioned out of the pandemic and into a more normal planning/stewardship/budgeting cycle.

  • The audit report will be reviewed by the Board over the summer and will be available for all Desert Chapel congregants to read once it is formally accepted by the

  • Board. Preliminary analysis by Board members indicates that our financial condition and tracking is sound. Several of our policies and procedures need tweaking and new procedures need to be developed as we move to a new model and mix of volunteer and paid staffing.

    Congregational input and ideas are sought as we traverse these changes. Anyone should feel open to sharing suggestions by contacting any Board member. I especially solicit your input at:

    If anyone is interested in the Leadership Board position of finance leader, that position does not require a CPA or even a Public Accountant background. It does require an interest in reviewing monthly budgets, income/expense reports, and other financial management interests. Desert Chapel has a robust accounting system that can assist the Board Leader with quick print-outs of reports to be reviewed. Current Board members are ready to assist as we welcome new Board Leaders.