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Chargers Pancake Breakfast

 We had a great 2023/2024 year with our Pancake Breakfast.  See in the Fall.



Community Feast - Desert Chapel will serving a FREE dinner every Saturday from 11 am to 2 pm. This is open to our church family as well as the community.


Clothes Closet - is open from 11 am to 2 pm Saturdays.   Adults and childrens clothes and shoes are availble for those in need.



The Leadership Board will meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 4:00 pm. 

Message from Our Lay Leader

I apologize for neglecting to write a newsletter piece for March. So, I will attempt to make this cover both, March and April. Besides, the March to April time is one of transition for Desert Chapel. That transition, basically, takes the form of a dramatic shift from a congregational size of 150 to a much smaller weekly attendance. That transition usually creates several challenges and opportunities for us, as leaders, as we try to plan and execute the worship and mission activities of Desert Chapel.
This year is no different, yet it seems so. There seems to be a revitalized spirit surrounding our Sunday worship, and a renewed dedication to our missions and outreach ministries. For awhile, I attributed this revitalization and renewal, to the return to normality after the devastation of the pandemic.
But lately, I see it more as a more fundamental return to prayer, worship and service. I don’t want to overly dramatize the change and yet, I believe we all need to understand that Desert Chapel is embarking on a journey of planning, prayer, participation, and promotion that, with God’s help, will truly make us “The Heart of Apache Junction”.
For the first time in quite awhile, we have a handle on our infrastructure needs. Our air conditioning and heating short-comings are known and are being addressed. Our other maintenance and custodial needs have been evaluated, and soon will have contractual services to meet those needs.
Our membership rolls are being updated and, our formal and informal communications practices are being enhanced. Our office operations have been evaluated, and are being slowly overhauled to better serve our congregation and community.
It is no secret that our sound system in the sanctuary, has periodic, if not constant, quality issues. Mike Gray, Paul Mosier, Pastor Philip, and others have been working with our preferred vendor to address these issues.
As of this week, a new sound board and associated wiring, and accessories, has been purchased.

It is hoped that this new system will be seamless. Targeted completion date is Friday, April 12th.
None of the above would/will be possible without the generous donations of expertise, time, money, and prayer from throughout our congregation. A shining example of such dedication is the work of “The Chargers”, one of the longest continuing organizations at Desert Chapel. The Chargers conducted several breakfasts and special meals as they have done for many years. On Sunday, April 7, 2024, they donated $2,600.00 to the Desert Chapel general fund!
So, as we transition on many fronts, we need to know that throughout our congregation, we have groups and individuals that are volunteering, working, planning, preparing, partnering, praying, and promoting Desert Chapel as “The Heart of Apache Junction”.