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Prayers for Week of January 7th 2024


Prayer Concerns

We pray for Doug L. of Edgar, Wisconsin who was in a skiing accident and is in the ICU.

We pray for Georgette A. of Burlington, Iowa who is having open heart surgery today.

We pray for Cliff Dennis's sister who has terminal cancer. She is 89 and just retired last month. We pray for peace, comfort, and easing of symptoms.

Becky Sparks, best friend of Kathy Highland, passed away last Sunday. She was also friend to Nancy January and Donna Griffith. We pray for all of Becky's friends and family to help them navigate this sudden heartbreak; we give thanks that Becky and all of us have eternal life with Christ.

We pray for Sally Steiner, who sits with Kathy and Donna, suffered a stroke last week. She is now at home recovering. We pray for a continued and strong recovery.

Please pray for the family and friends of a cyclist hit  and killed by a car last week in East Mesa. He was well known in the large close community of cyclists in this area.  We also pray for the driver of the car.

Please pray for Bill Garriott who was in Banner Baywood and is now recovering at Mission Palms.

We pray for Peggy Cabrinha and her son Greg; Greg continues to struggle with multiple medical concerns.

We pray for Jay, classmate of Jerri, who was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia and has been given a 2 month prognosis. We pray for comfort, peace, and clarity for Jay's friends and family as Jay prepares to enter his eternal life.

We pray for Rose Norwood who broke her femur near her hip.

We pray for Anita's sister-in-law, Violet, who has colon cancer. Violet had surgery and is recovering. We pray for recovery and successful treatment.

We pray for those dealing with family strife and discord, and the depression that it brings. We pray for peace for those struggling with depression and we pray for them to feel God's ever-present love and understanding to be felt.


Continued Prayers

We continue to pray for the Snyder family of Burlington, Iowa. Their 24 year old oldest son committee suicide. We pray for comfort and peace in this time of grief, loss, and confusion.

We pray for Reese Thomas, former staff member of Desert Chapel, and his family.  Reese is now home on hospice and is dealing with end-stage leukemia.  We pray for Reese and all of his family and they prepare for him to graduate to glory.

We pray for Rebecca - she has liver disease but does not yet meet the criteria for the transplant list.

We pray for a good outcome for Al Toser who is recovering from Valley Fever

We continue to pray for Iain Glithero, former pastor of Desert Chapel, who is facing multiple medical tests and health challenges this month.

We pray for Laura Martin, niece of Eleanor Edwards. Laura is fighting colon cancer.

Continued prayers for Laurie Wilburn, daughter of Jim Edwards. She continues to battle stage-four non-smoker lung cancer.