Meet Our People

As the Body of Christ in our Community, we seek to serve as the Heart of Apache Junction.

Philip Tesarek



Bio:Greetings!  Ernestine and I are blessed to be part of the Desert Chapel family. I was born and raised in Houston, Texas, and graduated from Texas A&M University. Ernestine was born and raised on the Navajo Nation and graduated from Arizona State University. We have three adult children and four cats, and have called Mesa, AZ home since 1998.  My pathway to ministry began with preaching on Scout Sunday; since then, God has graciously (and patiently!) led me through becoming a Certified Lay Speaker, Certified Lay Minister, and now, Pastor.  I feel called to seek out and preach about all that binds us together as children of God rather than those things that separate us; we are all far more alike than different.  In my “free” time I am a student woodworker … learning new skills and finding new challenges with each project!

Michael Snyder


Leadership Board

David Tom - Board Chair

Cliff Dennis - Board Treasurer


Boards Members:

Nancy Januaary

Susie McCord

Bev Svoboda

Terry Toser

Peggy Cabrinha

Ric Kayer