About Worship

Our aim in worship is to glorify and praise God, to learn and to grow, andto begin to connect with one another. In order to open the way for all to worship, we use an “order” of worship, which is presented in paper format and on the projection screen. Worshippers are welcome to follow and participate in whatever way helps them connect with God. Worshippers may choose to sing or not sing, sit or stand or kneel, raise hands or keep them down, open or close their eyes, or assume any posture which makes sense to them.

Greeting One Another ~ Generally worshippers move around the room and welcome one another, shaking hands and sharing names. All are encouraged to use this time to welcome someone they do not know.

We Share Our Gifts (Offering) - each Sunday, we invite worshippers to make a monetary gift to the church in response to what God has done for them, and as a sign of their faith. Guests are welcome to make such a gift, but are not expected to do so.

Passing the Peace ~ Occasionally we will “pass the peace of Christ” during our communion celebration. This is a symbol of restoring relationships with one another which may be broken, or which may be strong and celebrated. This comes from Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 5, where he instructs us to make peace before offering our gifts … and ourselves … to God.

In the printed order, there are some abbreviations which give general direction. They include:
An asterisk (*), which indicates that worshippers are invited to stand as they are able.
UMH indicates songs or prayers found in the United Methodist Hymnal in the pew pockets.
TFWS indicates songs or prayers found in “The Faith We Sing” in the pew pockets
NT indicates the page on which a passage of scripture may be found in the New Testament in the pew Bibles.
OT indicates the page on which a passage of scripture may be found in the Old Testament in the pew Bibles.